Sunday, December 29, 2013

What are JD and I Up To?

Several months ago, JD and I left the Mix breakfast show after helming it for two years. Prior to that, we were on the Red FM breakfast show, also for two years. So now after 4 years of being morning show partners, 10 years on air for JD and 6 years on air for yours truly, we have decided to hang our radio announcer hats for good and move on. And we've been getting a LOT of questions from our fans PM-ing us on Facebook asking us what we're moving on TO. So if you're one of those who have been wondering and curious to know, hope the answers to the FAQs below will satisfy your curiosity for the moment...

1. Have you left Mix FM?
Answer : Yes, we have.

2. Why?? Did you get another job?
Answer : We simply wanted to move on and do other things with our lives now; take up new challenges; accept new opportunities; do things we've always wanted to do; be our own boss. So.. why not? ;)

3. Are you taking a long break from radio?
Answer :  No. As I've said, we want to do other things now. We have no plans to come back to that industry. Having said that, we won't say we will never come back, as others have returned before but we're hoping we won't have to. We'll see what happens after 10 years. Maybe we'll have a change of heart and start missing it or we're approached with an offer we can't refuse, who knows! It's too soon to tell at the moment. We're just relishing our new-found freedom, haha!

4. Which radio station are you joining? 
Answer : We're not joining any other radio station. Although we did receive offers, we chose to turn them down so that we can focus on going in new directions and take up new opportunities.

5. Which company are you joining?
Answer : We aren't joining any other companies as we have opted to be self-employed and set up our own separate ones.

6. Are you still in the entertainment industry?
Answer : Yes we are.

7. What are you up to now that you've left?
Answer : I am currently doing more voice-over work for radio and tv. I started out as a part-time voice over talent before I became a radio announcer. Now I can do it on a more full-time basis. I also have a few new projects for next year - one of them may involve me working with JD again so we'll let you know when that's done. I also plan to do more traveling and explore the world a bit more.
You will still be able to catch JD on Astro SuperSports every Sunday at 11am on Football Extra. He also has several projects he's currently working on so if all goes according to plan, you'll find out what it is sometime in 2014. It's not a secret. We just don't want to jinx it by saying anything premature. So we're both actually a lot more busy than before!

8. Why did you change your FB name from Dilly Mixfm to Dilly Padi?
Answer : Well since I'm no longer with Mix (although you may still hear them using my voice for promos and stuff. I know, cos I recently heard them too!), naturally I wanted to change the name. Dilly Padi rhymes with "chilli padi" lah. And those who know me have described me as one!

9. How's the new life after leaving/radio?
Answer : We can honestly say we are truly happy and we feel so FREEEEEEE!! We are also so much busier than before with appointments and meetings; working to get our new endeavors off the ground.. even though it can be quite tiring and hectic, but it's very fulfilling as we know we're doing it for ourselves. Those who are running their own business would know that you have to work extra hard lor! If you don't find work to do, you don't get paid mah..

10. Are you guys going to be working overseas?
Answer : We certainly plan to travel more but working overseas? Who knows? If the opportunity arises and it's a good offer, who wouldn't? :)

I hope the answers above will suffice. We will set up a JD and Dilly facebook page so you can still connect with us and know exactly what we're up to as and when it happens (I'm trying to find good enough pictures, haha!). We may not miss doing radio, but we both do miss the interaction that we had with you, our listeners. Nothing can replace that. You all have been so wonderful and so supportive of us during our time on radio. Which is why I couldn't help but cry on our last show on air. It was a bittersweet moment but we're looking forward to bigger and better things and hope that you will still be there in spirit, cheering us on as you always have all this time. Thank you and till we meet again..